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sure your body is well nourished and hydrated. People don't know how effective water can be towards hair growth. Drinking water is very important for hair growth as it hydrates the hair shaft and follicles and prevents hair from drying out excessively. You should endeavor to drink enough water to improve the health of your hair. You shouldn't mistake sugar drinks, carbonated and caffeinated liquids for natural water, water is water so take in adequate amount to improve hair growth. About 4 to 8 glasses of water is required for a healthy living including the scalp.I'm not being biased. All of these major hair loss firms love the fact that folks like you are unaware of various simple ways you can easily restore your hair.


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Foods like almonds are rich in magnesium which is an essential mineral for growing healthy hair strands. Don't forget to take foods that are also rich in vitamins as they are necessary for Hair Growth.So is Provillus a scam? It doesn't seem likely, does it. It's the only hair loss treatment on the market that both blocks DHT to prevent further hair loss and uses the power of FDA-Approved minoxidil to regrow new hair and "seal those gaps".

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